Mansion Productions Launches MPA3 Hosted Affiliate Solution

LOS ANGELES — Mansion Productions has announced the beta release of its new hosted SAAS version of the MPA3 affiliate management and tracking software.

Now in its fifth version, MPA3 is a premium solution with a long proven track record that powers some of the adult entertainment industry’s top affiliate programs; providing advanced visitor tracking, traffic management and promotional tools.

According to the company, innovation and the creation of new and exciting tools for the adult industry has always been part of the Mansion Productions’ mission — a mission that it is expanding by rolling out its new software as a service, while phasing out the self-hosted standard edition of MPA3.

“Managing cost for affiliate programs today is the key to success,” explains a Mansion spokesperson. “With this new SAAS version of MPA3, we are pushing the envelope even further, to assist programs who wants to stay lean and competitive, by offering a combination of MPA3 software and website hosting in one elegant hosted solution.”

It is an approach that mainstream has embraced for some time, with software such as SalesForce, Quickbase, Quickbooks and other intensive applications being well suited to the SAAS model. Likewise, Mansion Productions found the same need in the adult entertainment industry, and as a result, updated MPA3 to a hosted solution.

The benefits for programs switching to the MPA3 hosted solution include no installation burdens and the ability for users to start setting up their affiliate program within hours of MPA3’s purchase, with an easy to use interface.

No dedicated server is required, and as such, MPA3 SAAS saves money on hosting and infrastructure, helping to maximize profits for affiliate programs. Automatic updates to new versions of the software, as well as automatic bug fixes and billing, with a fixed price and no surprises adds to the value.

“In conjunction with the release of MPA3’s hosted version, we are phasing out MPA3 Standard and will not be offering it to new clients,” the spokesperson added. “Existing Standard clients will be offered a free upgrade path to MPA3’s hosted version, with the benefit for those clients being that they can use their dedicated server for other hosting needs they may have.”

The new MPA3 SAAS solution is hosted by Red Apple Media — an established cloud hosting, video streaming and website development provider that specializes in rich media content delivery for the adult entertainment world — and a proven partner that Mansion has worked with on previous projects. 

“Red Apple Media is intimately familiar with MPA3 and other Mansion Productions products, and has been offering MPA3 and MAS hosting services to clients small and large,” the spokesperson concluded. “They are a perfect choice for load balanced and secure hosting of MPA3-based affiliate programs.”

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