ClickCastX Releases WordPress Plugin

LOS ANGELES — In an effort to provide adult webmasters and site owners new options to capture and retain their clients, ClickCastX announced today its custom WordPress Plugin.

The ClickCastX 3.0 plugin allows clients to create a customized WordPress site for dynamic importing of photo or video content directly into the site.

Using a new RSS export feed function: live or recorded videos or photo content; thumbnails and metadata can be imported in real time into a WordPress site.

Clients can also create an unlimited number of SEO friendly and custom theme developed mini-sites that can serve to help generate traffic directly to sites managed and operated by the ClickcastX 3.0 install.

Some Wordpress site examples include: individual model sites with blog articles, showcase sites of only live content, sites that only show content from a particular category, a photo sample TGP or similar traffic site for use by affiliates to generate traffic, and a video trailer site (via embeds) to generate traffic.

To see a sample demonstration, click here.

For more information, visit, or email