Playboy Profiles Titcoin

NEW YORK — Upstart cryptocurrency Titcoin is back in the news, following a recent article that points to the continued mainstreaming of this digital payment mechanism.

If you’re wondering if Wall Street is taking Titcoin seriously, so is Playboy Magazine. Last Friday, Titcoin was profiled in an article written for the magazine by Violet Blue, who did some serious investigative journalism, discussing Titcoin’s start, the bringing of Patrick “PK” McDonnell on board, and the adoption of crypto currency in the adult industry, which Blue refers to as “a much-needed ray of hope.”

The article can be read online and is slated to run in a future issue of the men’s magazine.

“The fact that Playboy profiled us means that people are starting to take not only digital currency but also Titcoin seriously,” says company founder Edward Mansfield. “With Pat’s 23 years experience in financial services, having him on board has really helped us up our game, and this is just proof positive — and, after the article appeared online, the value of Titcoin went up.”

Launched in June of 2014, Titcoin calls itself the official digital currency of the adult entertainment industry, where like Bitcoin, it is a crypto currency that enhances anonymity and privacy for the users.

“Online sites can garner more business since it allows customers to make purchases without a credit card or bank account, and their profits are protected since there are no chargebacks,” explains a Titcoin spokesperson. “And unlike most other crypto currencies, Titcoin has exponentially speedier transactions — you get your money in under six minutes, without any unnecessary waiting.”

Co-founded by Edward Mansfield, a digital media and online advertising guru with 20 years of experience, and Richard Allen, who has 25 years of experience in business development, the company recently added Patrick McDonnell, a.k.a. “The Coyote of Wall Street.”

Titcoin has been profiled in CNET, Men’sHealth Magazine, Playboy, Vice Magazine, Gizmodo, Bustle, Soundcrave, UK’s Raver’s DVD and XBIZ, among others.

Adult companies and performers interested in adopting Titcoin as a payment solution can contact Pat at

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