Female Ivy Leaguers Launch Dame Products Sex Toy Company

Lila Gray

NEW YORK — Alexandra Fine, who holds an M.A. from Columbia University, couldn’t find the vibrator of her dreams — so she set out to create it herself.

"I always wanted a hands-free toy that I could wear with my partner," Fine explained. "Really small, and as thin as possible, so that we hardly noticed it — but that gave me that clitoral stimulation." 

Although popular couples vibrator We-Vibe was expressly designed with such concerns in mind, Fine felt that the concept could still be improved upon.

"A lot of women really like [the We-Vibe] … but for me and for a lot of other people about there, it’s a lot in there…. You can’t not be aware that it’s there," Fine said.

With the help of Janet Lieberman, a mechanical engineer educated at MIT, Fine launched Dame Products. Fine presides as CEO and Lieberman is the company's CTO. 

The company’s first product, now beta testing, is called Eva. Keeping with their ideal parameters, Eva is hands free, small in size and aesthetically sleek.

Innovative in structure, Eva features a bullet vibrator with three intensity settings encased in the center with protruding “wings” that tuck behind the labia majora.

"We designed Eva to address what we call the "pleasure gap," the creators wrote of the product. "Women are more than four times likelier to describe recent sex as unpleasurable. In fact, studies have shown that, during sex, men orgasm more than twice as often as their female partners."

Eva has been generating some buzz in mainstream, with write ups by The Frisky, Refinery 29, Daily Dot and more. 

A video in which Eva’s beta testers discuss their experiences with the device is now on YouTube, garnering more than 17,482 views. 

Those interested in supporting the commercial release of Eva can donate to its Indiegogo campaign, which has already secured $34,361 of its $50,000 goals, with 42 days to go.