FSC Calls for Three-Day Hold on Production

LOS ANGELES — The Free Speech Coalition on Wednesday called for a three-day hold on porn production, effective immediately, as it investigates an HIV exposure on an "out-of-of-state" set.

"This is due to a situation recently brought to the attention of FSC that requires investigation before production can be allowed to continue," FSC said in a statement.
FSC’s statement is as follows:
“We have received notification from a public health department official of HIV exposure on an out-of-state set.  In an abundance of caution, we are calling for a three-day hold on production while we evaluate any risk to the performer pool, and determine if a full moratorium is warranted. As with past production holds, we ask that people refrain from speculation until more news is forthcoming, and respect performer privacy. We are currently working with the public health department, the production company, and the performer, and will alert as more information is available.

"We appreciate your patience and consideration at this time. If you have questions or need more information, please contact info@freespeechcoalition.com."