Elevated X Offers Content Protection and Viewing

LOS ANGELES — Adult paysite content management system software provider Elevated X has announced the launch of its new site login mechanism, which enables protected movies to be viewed on desktop and mobile devices.

In business since 2006, Elevated X reports that its pay site management software powers more than 2,000 adult sites and has been nominated for more than a dozen industry awards — winning the 2012 and 2014 XBIZ Awards for “Software Company of the Year.”

According to the company, the base component of Elevated X Protect is a site login and member authentication script that was added as a response to video playback limitations resulting from the recent release of Apple’s iOS 8, and Android’s inability to play movies within areas that are protected with Apache’s regular Simple HTTP authentication, a protection method widely used by adult paysites.

Previously, the only way to get around this issue was to pay for a separate dedicated user management or site security script.

“As a leading adult industry CMS solution provider, we don’t think that our customers should need to get a separate paid solution just for their paysite visitors to be able to watch movies on mobile devices,” said Elevated X CEO AJ Hall. “We believe the Elevated X Protect solution is a winning solution that will satisfy the needs of most of our users.”

Hall explains that in addition to addressing the iOS and Android movie viewing issue, Elevated X Protect also offers a range of content protection features, including Captcha support to prevent hackers and bots from doing automated testing on members’ areas to determine if specific passwords are valid; and anti-slurp protection, which allows users to setup a specific string within the software, for example, “noslurping,” and then embed a URL within the page code, so that if a bot tries to crawl the site, it will be automatically logged out.

Other features include rate limiting, which imposes a small delay on login successes or failure notices, making it harder for bot testers; as well as support for regular .htpasswd style files and connections to MySQL databases, which means it will work with all popular third party billers as well as NATS and other affiliate software packages.

Finally, CMS users employing Elevated X Protect will note that the newer site design templates will have a “Log Out” button on the top of the page.

The enhanced login feature is currently available for free to all users of the Elevated X Pro version CMS.

For more information, visit ElevatedX.com.