Pornhub's Times Square Billboard Pulled One Day After Erection

NEW YORK —’s enormous 54’x48’ billboard erected in New York City's Times Square yesterday has already been taken down.

The hotel on which the billboard was hosted ordered its removal, although Pornhub reports that it received the hotel’s approval before the ad’s launch.

Pornhub is currently waiting to hear from the owner of an alternate location for final approval to relocate the ad.

The ad was the result of Pornhub’s Creative Director Contest a few months back, according to a company official, and cost about $100,000.

It depicted two hands making the shape of a heart with a tagline that reads “All You Need is Hand,” meant to, ironically, represent Pornhub’s ongoing mainstream push and the beginnings of an SFW ad campaign.  

The billboard’s graphic design is a play on the Beatles’ popular song, “All You Need is Love."

"To celebrate billboard’s unveiling, Pornhub hired the Gotham Rock Choir to sing an original Pornhub-themed a cappella rendition of 'All You Need Is Love,'” the official said.

But when the choir sings the song, "love" is substituted with "head." A video of the choir singing the song is available here.