Build The Store Offers Weekly Blog

SAN FERNANDO, Calif. — has announced the launch of its weekly blog, “Sexytech: Build The Store’s Official Resource Page,” at

Dedicated to improving its customer’s user experience through technology and enhanced marketing techniques, Build The Store offers clients a customizable ecommerce solution for selling adult products — including secure online purchasing, a fully integrated inventory system, plus advanced marketing technology and more.

According to the company, the goal of its blog is to be relevant and to engage the online community, with readers and contributors sharing opinions and expertise in an open and collaborative environment.

“This weekly publication is for anyone who currently has a website or is thinking about starting one,” says a company spokesperson. “This resource page will cover a wide range of topics, including website basics, SEO and social media marketing.”

For example, Build The Store recently published an article on the importance of using Google Analytics to gauge their social media success, instead of looking at the number of likes and shares that is seen on a Facebook page.

“The primary goal for ‘Sexytech’ was to become a trusted source for our customers,” Inga Van Riper, brand strategist for Build The Store stated. “Our team has many years of experience, and we believed that it was time to share our knowledge in weekly articles.”

“Our goal is to help anyone who has an online store with relevant articles on how to make their business successful,” Van Riper adds. “Even though the site just launched, we have received very positive feedback from several experts, including Reddit’s Social Media News and Online Retail.”

For more information, visit