Williams Trading Now Distributing Booty Glove

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. – Booty Glove erotic massage glove is in stock and available for immediate shipment at Williams Trading Company.  

The Booty Glove comes in multiple sizes and is available in three colors; sky blue, passion pink and cloud clear.

The Booty Glove is made of soft, stretchy TPR material that is body safe, easy to clean and protects from dirty hands, rough palms and long fingernails. Just add the water-based lube it comes with and the Booty Glove is ready for action; sliding and gliding with each stroke. The palms and fingers are softly nubbed.  

“What sets apart the Booty Glove from other hand massagers is the unique stroker feature built as a web between the index finger and thumb,” said Erin V., marketing and vendor liaison at Williams Trading Company. “The glove is ambidextrous to fit both hands and cleanup is simple with soap and warm water.” 

Williams Trading director of sales and marketing Scott D. added, “The Booty Glove has moved fast out of the gate and is easily becoming a customer favorite. Its simple but clever design at a consumer-friendly price point is strategic in its retail success.”