Ron Jeremy Partners With Australia's Mate of Mine

LOS ANGELES — Adult legend Ron Jeremy has put his considerable assets (no pun intended) behind the global launch of Facebook-powered website, Mate of Mine.

Mate of Mine was launched in Australia in 2011 by entrepreneur Dane Westerweller and is now expanding internationally.

The directory gives users the opportunity to connect directly with adult entertainers, such as glamour models, celebrities, porn stars, striptease artists and topless wait staff. 

“When I was asked to come on board, I immediately saw the potential with the Mate of Mine website,” Ron Jeremy said. “Old-school, word-of-mouth recommendations just don’t cut it when you’re trying to organize the sexiest celebrity for a classy executive party, or wild strippers for a bachelor night. Mate of Mine helps you secure quality, red-hot entertainment anywhere in the world for the best price.”

Many of the adult entertainers are barmaids, builders, nurses and even college students. Mate of Mine also bills itself as first gay entertainment website that enables users to directly book with gay topless waiters, strippers, and drag queens for private parties and events.

“Recommendations from Facebook friends will weed out the duds, allowing people to hire the best” said Jeremy. The directory is designed so adult entertainers can remove the middle man by making bookings directly on the site and have some knowledge about the people hiring them. The site prohibits escort services.

For entertainers and models who don't want to manage their own profiles, Jeremy has enlisted the help of his agent, Mike Esterman. “99 percent of profiles are self-managed, [but some people] will always choose to be represented by an agent, which is why I asked Esterman to be our official partner,” said Jeremy.

Esterman notes that hiring top-notch adult entertainers might be more affordable than people think. He explains, “As you might imagine, the going rate to rent a celebrity varies widely. A Playboy model to host your Bachelor party might only set you back $1,000 to $1,500, but if you want to hire Lady Gaga, make sure to have a couple million in cash handy.”

Mate of Mine also helps people find the more mundane, everyday services, such as plumbers, personal trainers and florists, who are trusted and connected by their Facebook friends.