G-Vibe Granted Chinese Patent

Ariana Rodriguez

LONDON ­– Fun Toys says that after a year and a half of examination and documentation, it has been granted a patent in China for its G-Vibe vibrator.

“As G-Vibe proved itself as a genuinely unique vibrator and one-of-a-kind invention both in design, and technical and anatomical functioning, the need in patent was obvious from the very beginning,” the company said. “The fantastic success of G-Vibe and its worldwide expansion after only 3 months of existence was a temptation for some other companies who wanted to make advantage of Fun Toys' achievements.”

Fun Toys also has received a patent for the G-Vibe in the U.S., E.U., Russia and the U.K.

“The matter of receiving a patent is something that logically and naturally follows the production process and launch of the product,” said Jack Romanski, the inventor of G-Vibe. “If you are confident in your invention being one-of-a-kind, you would want to protect it and enjoy its success with no fears left. I am confident in the uniqueness of G-Vibe, therefore, receiving patents was my priority. I am happy G-Vibe is now protected all over the world.”