Hookup Site Mixxxer.com Boasts More Than 100K Followers

CYBERSPACE — Mobile hookup website Mixxxer.com announced today that in just eight weeks since its launch, the web app has grown to more than 100,000 users.

The company attributes the growth in large part to an unexpected blitz of media attention and curious fun-seekers looking for a guaranteed good time that other dating apps don’t offer.

Outlets like EliteDaily.com said it "Makes Tinder Look Like Child’s Play," and BetaBeat.com called it “the Naked Tinder." Similar comments continue to bear comparisons to the popular dating app, even though Mixxxer makes it clear that it’s all about sex.

“In just a few short weeks, we’ve become popular by an unexpected rush of media exposure, and suddenly we’re on everyone’s radar,” Mixxxer founder Michael Manes said. “We couldn’t be happier, and we’re glad that people are on board with what we’re about.”

The site, which allows members to share racy photos and messages, has already gotten a heavy influx of users in Mixxxer’s web-only playground although iTunes and Google Play refuse to carry the app because of the explicit nature of users’ profiles.

Mixxxer noted that it’s added privacy measures — like the optional “shower door” identity screen, one-mile “safety zone” and a two-step login process — have been given high marks for taking users’ safety seriously.  MTV.com commented, “some might view this as tedious; others might view it as pleasantly private.” However, Mixxxer said AskMen.com commented, “You want hookups? You’re going to get hookups.”

“You have to be sexually adventurous to join our site, and we are finding that a lot of people have no problem with that,” Manes added. “The swinging lifestyle community has embraced us, and their positive word-of-mouth has helped multiply our membership, which means there are even more people to meet. It’s all a win-win.”