Traffic Force Boosts Security

Stephen Yagielowicz

TORONTO — Adult advertising platform has announced system upgrades that will boost the security of advertisers and publishers using the network.

According to the company, unlike ad networks that solely monetize media buys on the sites owned by publishers, Traffic Force has a massive network of its own high profile sites, which also serve the same ads for media buyers and content partners. For that reason, its new Publishers page explains some of the advanced techniques used to protect every site that uses Traffic Force’s secure ad system.

“One of the really unfortunate things publishers need to solve is the challenge of ‘malvertising’ that has been prevalent in the traffic brokerage space due to unscrupulous media buyer attempts to upload nefarious scripts attached to their creatives, or the targets they select when they place orders,” explains Ross of Traffic Force. “We know, because we publish thousands of sites, including some of the largest traffic domains online as part of our traffic pool, and always seek to minimize risk ourselves.”

Ross says that Traffic Force is always working to educate publishers, and to assure them that the firm offers the best protection for site owners wanting to sell traffic, through measures such as its recently renewed partnership with RiskIQ.

“We make extensive use of proprietary software to detect potential problems and we proactively monitor ads to keep the entire platform running cleanly,” Ross adds. “Our primary goal for publishers is always the same: Traffic in, money out, with nothing else in between.”

According to Traffic Force, RiskIQ specializes in malware prevention, brand and trademark protection and mobile application security, with real time asset discovery, dynamic indexing mobile footprints and a high level of global threat intelligence.

Traffic Force also added HTTPS secure ad tags to its network to provide an extra layer of security for users visiting its sites.

“Our SSL secured delivery platform is as simple to implement as a quick URL change to display ads on your sites that are fully SSL SHA256 secured,” Ross explains. “Google has recently commented on the importance of SSL and our internal findings in preventing malvertising are consistent with much of what they have stated.”

Traffic Force has reportedly focused on security since its inception, as it wanted to be absolutely sure it was secure before we opened the system up to external publishers.

“If it was good enough for our own sites, only then would we offer it to be used by other site owners,” Ross concludes. “Now the doors are open, publishers are using our award winning platform for their own profit and we are confident it will continue to be the safest place for any publisher who shares our belief that security is the most important part of your ad sale success and long term revenue growth.”

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