'Autoblow 2' Grabs International Spotlight

CHICAGO — Crowdfunded male pleasure device Autoblow 2 announced rousing international press attention since it’s launch.

“When you’re appearing front page in mainstream media outlets in places as far flung as Croatia, Iceland, and Indonesia you know you’re doing something right,” toy creator Brian Sloan said. “The combination of crowdfunding and an oral sex robot made for apparently great mainstream news fodder in more than 40 countries.”

The Autoblow 2 launched its campaign on crowdfunding site Indiegogo.com to raise $45,000 to complete production of the male masturbator and the goal was quickly met and exceeded by more than $225,000, paving the way for Sloan’s hands-free device to get into the laps of thousands of (male) blowjob lovers around the word.

“Interest in the Autoblow 2 has been growing in sync with its media popularity, and its pre-sale numbers were solid,” Sloan added. “By the time it was officially on sale, we were selling hundreds a day, at one point crashing our website. We knew we had created a successful product but we just didn’t expect so many people from so many far-off places to want it all at once.”