CB-X Male Chastity Addresses Counterfeiting

LAS VEGAS — CB-X Male Chastity is addressing a recent wave of counterfeiting in what it calls an effort to keep its customers safe and maintain the integrity of its brand.

Although bootlegs are something the manufacturer (and many others in the novelty industry) have always had to deal with, CB-X Corporate Director Nikki Yates says she has seen an increase in recent months.

"It's become a real problem, and we have our legal team now getting involved," she explained. "Once we discovered the difference in quality between an authentic CB-X Male Chastity device and a counterfeit, we felt the safety of our customers should be addressed."

To discern the differences, CB-X purchased and performed quality control tests of the counterfeit devices, pairing them against its own authentic devices. During the initial tests, the working pressure was kept to 150 PSI, which represents the typical pressure developed by the penis of a latched man during an attempted erection.

CB-X reports that during the testing many of the counterfeit devices split apart — trapping and damaging the rubber test tube that was used inside the cage.

"Had a man been wearing one of these counterfeit devices he could have received potentially severe injury to his penis caused by the sharp edges of the failed device," Yates said. "We're proud to say that even with further testing, 100 percent of our authentically manufactured devices not only survived quality control, they didn't exhibit any abnormal signs of stress."

The manufacturer has produced a brief video, now on its YouTube page, to help distributors and customers tell the difference between an authentic CB-X Male Chastity Device and a counterfeit product.

The company suggests that customers review the video before making an online purchase, as well as to buy only from authorized CB-X distributors or to buy direct at CB-X.com.

Authorized CB-X Male Chastity distributors include Eldorado, ECN, Nalpac, Williams Trading Co., Sex Toy Distributing, Stockroom, Pink Cherry, BMS Enterprises, Mister-B, S&T Rubber, Dusedo, Playroom, Uber Kinky and LoveHoney.