Siri, Sara Jay to Deliver on World Cup Twitter BJ Pledge Tomorrow

Lila Gray

LAS VEGAS — True to their word, adult stars Siri and Sara Jay are delivering on their World Cup Twitter BJ pledge with a live broadcast event tomorrow, Sept. 4, starting at 5 p.m. EDT.

At the start of the 2014 World Cup, Siri and Jay promised blow jobs to all of their Twitter followers if Germany, England, U.S., Brazil or Germany won the World Cup (known on Twitter as #TeamBJ). A video documenting the promise can be seen on YouTube.

Lo and behold, Germany defeated Argentina 1-0 in the World Cup Finals with a last gasp goal at the end of overtime, resulting, amongst other things, in an immediate #TeamBJ frenzy on Twitter. Siri and Jay then invited all their followers from around the globe to collect their BJs in a group event.

Fans ''up'' to the challenge are meeting the girls tomorrow in Las Vegas. The event will be streamed live as part of a broadcast exclusively airing on, and The first 15 minutes of the broadcast will be free and can be accessed by fans by logging into

"I am genuinely excited. We won't actually know just how many people will show up literally until the time of the even,” Siri said. “It is personally thrilling and I hope my fans are as excited as I am. For anyone who doubted if we were going to deliver — think again.”

She notes that one of her website members/Twitter followers is flying all the way from England to collect.  

"#TeamBJ is incredibly popular with the fans worldwide. Having done one #TeamBJ in the past, it's fascinating to see who actually shows up to collect,” Jay added. “It is reality porn at it's finest: real guys hooking up with their dream porn star through Twitter ... while people watch.”

Vicky Vette, Siri and Jay's webmaster, said ''#TeamBJ has been kicking ass on Twitter since 2010 and only gets more popular. Siri and Sara are having record website sales. The last #TeamBJ Live Event in 2012 literally blew out our servers from so many people trying to watch.”

This year Vette made sure to double the amount of bandwidth, surmising that #TeamBJ was the VNA Network’s biggest live broadcast in history, and thinks “this one is will be bigger."

#TeamBJ rose to fame during the 2010 WorldCup when porn stars Bobbi Eden, Vicky Vette, Gabby Quinteros and Miss Hybrid promised BJS if Holland won. Press included the Huffington Post, Yahoo Sports, ESPN and international sports radio stations. However, Holland lost in the finals to Spain.

In 2012, #TeamBJ returned for the NBA Finals when porn stars Sara Jay and Angelina Castro promised BJs to fans if the Miami Heat won the NBA Finals (resulting in a threat to sue by the NBA).

“[#TeamBJ] may never happen again, so don't miss it!" Jay said.