FSC Confirms 'False Positive' in HIV Case, Lifts Moratorium

LOS ANGELES — The industry-wide moratorium due to a potential positive HIV case in the performer pool has been lifted because the test result was determined to be a "false positive," FSC CEO Diane Duke confirmed Friday.

The Free Speech Coalition called for a production moratorium Thursday after one of the testing facilities in its PASS testing system reported a possible positive HIV test for an adult performer.

The FSC's full statement about today's development follows:

"Yesterday’s potentially positive HIV test by adult performer was a false positive. The performer does not have HIV. Additionally, the first generation performers who were tested proactively have also come back negative. Production on adult film can resume safely.

"We understand that a moratorium is nerve-wracking for performers and difficult for producers. However, it’s essential that when it comes to performer safety, we err on the side of caution. We thank the producers, performers, agents and doctors who worked together during this difficult time for maintaining the moratorium, and for quickly helping establish a list of first generation contacts. While this was a false positive, it is always essential that we remain vigilant in concern to performer health.

"The moratorium and testing system has enabled us to prevent any transmission of HIV on an adult film set for over ten years. While opponents of the industry often use our periodic moratoriums as evidence that adult sets are not safe, quite the opposite is true. Moratoriums have and continue to enable us to prevent HIV from being transmitted between adult performers.

"Again, we thank everyone who worked so diligently and concertedly to protect performers during this current moratorium."