, Affiliate Program Launch

NEW YORK — Two-Flame Media today announced the launches of, a new hardcore anal sex and BDSM site, and companion affiliate program, the company’s first venture into adult member sites, aims to expand traditional market offerings with 4K content.

Dr. Mercies, director of the new site and affiliate program,  said his company believes that in the current market, porn-for-pay needs to offer more value to compete with free material.    

" is shot almost entirely with 4K film cameras and is downloadable in this resolution as well," he said. "Our members also have the option to listen to performer commentary while the scenes are playing if they want to add an educational experience to their porn viewing.”

Two-Flame Media developed the sites with Mansion Productions.

Oystein W., CEO of Mansion Productions, said that it was "a true pleasure working" with Dr. Mercies.

"[Dr. Mercies] has a great understanding of what he wanted out of the different services and software Mansion offers, and he has communicated very well to our different crews on where he wanted to be for the launch," the Mansion Productions CEO said. "We wish him all the best on the launch.”

Mansion Productions, founded in 1997, released the first commercial cascading affiliate management and tracking software in 2002 in MPA3. Their other software is MAS CMS, in addition to their in-house webmaster services and design group.

Assylum's affiliate program,, is offering a 55 percent revshare offer. The program will initially offer a wide range of banner ads, blog entries, and downloadable content and will be expanded throughout August and September to include hosted galleries, Dr. Mercies said.