Jake Jaxson Unveils 'The Ascension of the Lamb'

NEW YORK — Director Jake Jaxson on Tuesday unveiled the latest installment in the adult film series “Answered Prayers.”

As profiled in America’s largest weekly newspaper, The Village Voice, “Answered Prayers” is a 21st century morality play that explores the inner workings of everyday human archetypes and the fears that haunt them.  

“The Lamb” is the fourth installment of the five-part mini-series. It’s a twisted two-part story centered around a mysterious and powerful orphan known only as the Lamb. Part 1: The Ascension of the Lamb is now playing exclusively at CockyBoys.com.  

Max Ryder plays the Lamb and like the other central characters from previous installments he's haunted by fear. Orphaned and taken into custody by a benevolent yet strict guardian, his fear is only made worse by classmates Cain, Pain, and Vain teasing and threatening him until he reaches his breaking point. So the Lamb tries to escape...Yet no matter how hard he tries, all roads lead him back to the care of his guardian. He's forced into a dark, quiet attic as punishment where he's confronted with his biggest fear of all — isolation. But without darkness, there can be no light and the Lamb must find balance.

“The Lamb Part 1: The Ascension of the Lamb” features an all-star cast and standout performances from Max Ryder, Max Carter, Jasper Robinson, Frankie Valentine, and Duncan Black, with cameos from Jake Bass and the legendary Dean Monroe.

Part 1 climaxes with Duncan, Jasper Frankie, and Max Carter engaging in a nighttime four-way. Carter's character Malic has all the boys under his spell while Ryder can't resist looking on in awe of everything he's witnessing. This four-way is full of sexual chemistry between the entire group, the company said.

“Answered Prayers” first debuted late last year. CockyBoys owner and director, Jake Jaxson, remarked, “I'm often asked why it takes so long between my feature projects — part one of ‘Answered Prayers’ was released in October 2013, and now here we are on ‘Part Four: The Lamb.’

“My answer to that question is usually the same: 'It's not time yet.' While that is a simple answer, the truth is not that simple. The process of creating our feature film projects with these amazing, beautiful souls is both a joy and curse, as there are so many conflicting emotions, needs, hopes, desires and expectations attached to the process." 

He added, “Oddly — or maybe it's the universe's idea of a cruel joke — from this chaos, great things can happen. From breakdowns come breakthroughs. And to that degree this is a necessary evil in my creative process, the theme of ‘Answered Prayers’ and the inspiration for ‘The Lamb.’”

Part 2 of 'The Lamb': The Assumption of the Lamb debuts in late September exclusively at CockyBoys.