Bunny Ranch's Dennis Hof Spotlighted in New HBO 'Cathouse' Episode

CARSON, Nev. — HBO’s reality-TV series about the Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel, “Cathouse,” is returning with an all-new episode titled “King Of The House,” featuring owner Dennis Hof dishing the inside scoop on his personal sex life.

The adults-only half-hour show will debut Aug. 14, at 11 p.m. EDT exclusively on HBO, and be repeated Aug. 20, 23, 29, Sept. 2 and 15.

Directed and produced by Patti Kaplan, the series spotlights the girls at the Bunny Ranch brothel located 35 miles outside of Reno. The newest episode uses hidden cameras to record private conversations, transactions, and sexual activity taking place. “King Of The House” also focuses on Hof himself, as he shares details on why he loves his job of more than 20 years and what it takes to be one of the (many) girls chosen to be his girlfriend.

Hof sat down with Dr. Ava Cadell to discuss his inner-most feelings and to explore his intimate past. “There’s lots of benefits in being me,” Hof says in the series. “I like me the way I am.”

The brothel owner eventually admits that the discipline he learned at home, helped make him the "sensitive, if Alpha, male," he is today. “You can’t change the spots on a leopard, except I happen to be a lion, and lions like lots of sex.”

Hof reportedly slept with thousands of women, ranging from famous porn stars and magazine cover girls, to legendary courtesans and college students. “I remember them all, and I loved them all — each one was and is, special,” Hof said.