Doc Johnson Introduces 2 New ‘School of Doc’ Pamphlets

Lila Gray

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Doc Johnson has announced two new lessons offered in its “School of Doc” program.

Showcased for the first time at this past ANME show, an “Oral Sex Guide,” and an additional pamphlet, “Doctionary Volume I,” has joined its program of six existing brochures.

The Oral Sex guide provides oral sex positions, tips to ensure “GoodHead for Him” and “Oralove for Her,” along with Doc Johnson product picks. The guide comes with diagrams of female and male anatomies, highlighting pleasure points on each.

Far more kinky than your average dictionary, “The Doctionary Volume I” defines terms crucial to the world of pleasure products, complete with the pronunciation and a product recommendation for each term.

“The ‘School of Doc’ program provides viable information within the adult industry in a very playful way, making it a fun-yet-educational read for consumers and sales staff alike,” Doc Johnson Marketing Manager Sunny Rodgers said. “The two new brochures were very well received at the July ANME show, so much so that we already have additional brochures in the works.”

“School of Doc” is an ongoing campaign that supplies free educational material, as well as miniature product samples with the majority of the pamphlets offered. The full set of  “School of Doc” pamphlets are offered in a polybag packet, including one of each of the eight brochures currently available.

Individual pamphlets can be ordered in sets of 50, which come with a refillable holder, ideal for placing on a countertop, shelf or for hanging on a wall. Pamphlets can also be ordered as a bulk refill 50-pack.

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