CCBill FlexForms System Moves to Open Beta

Rhett Pardon

TEMPE, Ariz. — CCBill has announced its new FlexForms payments platform is in open beta status and available to any of the payment processor’s merchants.

CCBill execs said FlexForms is not a refresh of legacy CCBill forms; rather, it is a completely new system that includes several powerful and easy-to-use tools for managing the payments portion of online business, while also creating a better consumer experience.  

“As we set out to create FlexForms, it was imperative we ended up with a system that would allow for high degrees of customization without being overly complicated,” said Jason Kirk, vice president of product development for CCBill. “Buyers are more intelligent, come from diverse locations, and use different devices. The way we have built FlexForms lets merchants present a streamlined, yet complete, form to consumers; and do so in a way that does not require time-consuming technical work or excessive and unwieldy form building.”

FlexForms empowers merchants through its self-service interface which can be used to create one simple payment link that includes all payment types, Kirk said. There is no need to set up multiple forms to accommodate differing methods of consumer payments. Responsive, auto-sensing forms deliver language, currencies, and payment options depending on a series of buyer identifiers, and are designed to serve any device and browser. FlexForms also changes the way people manage their forms by offering instant customization and automated testing functions to enable easy and fast form publishing.

“Running their business is where merchants’ thoughts should be. Not on how they need to set up dozens of payment forms for different consumer scenarios,” said Gary Jackson, managing  vice president of sales and Internet markets for CCBill. “Using the new revolutionary FlexForms system, merchants create one dynamic payment flow through an intuitive drag and drop process with the CCBill Admin Portal and apply its settings across the board. And since all payment types, offers, and promotions can be included, consumers are presented with a form that is clear to understand and easy to use, helping to drive more conversions and sales.”  

One of the striking differences in FlexForms compared to other forms systems is in its ground-breaking foundation, Jackson said

Built to promote flexibility and optimization of payments, the core traffic management and payment flows in FlexForms open up direct use of multiple payment forms, multiple offers, and even multiple payment processors, he said.  Included A|B testing options allow for side-by-side testing of different layouts, promotions, or providers from a single traffic source. And included image and URL inventory functions provide accessible storage for merchant banners, images, and redirects.

Additionally, Jackson said the new sandbox environment gives merchants the ability to make changes before making them live, and FlexForms can be integrated with Google Analytics and Google AdWords at the payment level.

FlexForms is currently available to any CCBill merchant. To begin using the forms during open beta, CCBill merchants can visit the FlexForms area within the CCBill Admin Portal. For more information, contact or call (800) 510-2859.