Male Power Debuts New ‘Arousing’ Styles

Ariana Rodriguez

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. ­– Male Power has introduced new sheer styles and “C-strings” for men.

“Sheer Spandex Singlet was created for the man who likes to stand out while he works out,” the company said. “This one-piece garment combines a sheer, stretch mesh top and a solid, nylon spandex bottom. If you’ve got it, flaunt it in the V-cut back with open sides and bikini that covers the bum but emphasizes its contour.”

The Sheer Spandex Singlet is available in black, white and royal colors.

“Everything’s on display when you dress down in one of our C-strings,” the company said. “These sideless, strapless men’s G-strings are marvels of engineering, kept in place by soft, pliable boning up the back and around the front frame.

“Four different styles will command attention while you’re ‘at attention.’ Buckle Up offers adjustable, gold buckled mini-belts to support the rod and a comfort pouch for the reel. The Ladder has just enough rungs (strips of binding) to provide frontal coverage, and a comfort hole in the bottom. Ring Around the Rod features a built-in, non-metallic silver C-ring and comfort pouch. Lastly, The Triple Threat presents an open shaft front with three rings made from soft nylon binding, with comfort pouch.”

The C-string “quartet” is made of polyester spandex, and comes in black, in one size fits most.

For more information, visit, call (800) 447-4720.