London to Get 5G Mobile Internet by 2020

LONDON — London Mayor Boris Johnson has announced plans to bring 5G mobile Internet to the city by 2020.

Johnson's 5G intentions will be unveiled on Wednesday when he announces his Infrastructure Plan 2050, according to reports.

The next-generation data network at 5Gbps would improve current 4G mobile mobile Internet speeds by up to 250 times, making it possible for Londoners to download a two-hour video in less than a second.

“London is earning a reputation for being the tech capital of Europe and that is why we need to ensure every Londoner is able to access the very best digital connectivity," said Johnson speaking at the CeBIT 2014 trade fair in Hanover. "Rapidly improving the connectivity of this great city is a key part of the infrastructure plan for London.”  

South Korea also is rolling out 5G mobile Internet; it plans to launch it by 2020, as well.