CalExotics Offering 84 New Product Videos

LOS ANGELES – California Exotic Novelties has released 84 new product videos featuring animated graphics, music and a new voice over.

The product videos are intended for retail websites, the company said. They illustrate important product features, show size and scale, and are informative. The videos can also be shared through social media, in email marketing campaigns, and used to train employees.

Susan Colvin, president and CEO of California Exotic Novelties, says, “Videos are an important part of every business’ marketing strategy. We hope everyone loves them! They are incredible sales tools that are proven to produce results.”

All California Exotic Novelties Product Videos are available on the company’s website, on the individual product pages. They are also available on CalExotics.TV where they can be streamed or downloaded. The streaming option also helps save customer’s bandwidth as it is hosted by CalExotics, the company said.

Another option is an Excel spread sheet that lists all the embed codes. Find it on the Product Information Page of, under “Product Videos.”

In addition to product videos, the company also produces consumer-focused webisodes that help educate the consumer. Bedroom Insider is a relaxed, in-depth look at sex topics and methods to help people find fulfillment with sex toys. Kinky Korner is a fun, light look at everything that has to do with fetish and light BDSM play. Gotta Have It is a fun and fast-paced series that lets viewer know in just a few seconds, which toys they “gotta have.”

All the webisodes are available from