Autoblow 2 Debuts Robotic Male Pleasure Device

CHICAGO — Adult entertainment technology takes another step forward with the release of the Autoblow 2, a crowdfunded automated oral sex simulator for men.

Around nine inches tall and a bit more than four inches wide, the Autoblow 2 is reportedly the first automatic masturbation machine for men that is built as an appliance instead of as a toy. The device works with three sizes of interchangeable sleeves, so that men of all sizes will feel identical sensations.

Along with the product’s launch, the team behind the Autoblow 2 has released a two minute long animated infomercial, which can be viewed at

Using the device is simple: plug the Autoblow 2 into any wall outlet, “then take your penis out, and make it hard,” advises the unit’s directions, adding that “There are various ways to do this.”

Once an erection is achieved, apply a water-based lubricant to it and then insert it into the machine.

The device’s up and down motion is controlled using the speed dial, while positioning options allow for a completely hands free masturbatory experience — and the removable sleeve is said to be easy to clean.

The company warns Autoblow 2, as an electrical device, should not get wet or be used in the shower — and further states that it is not a silent product, noting that it sounds “kind of like windshield wipers.”

“It is a machine — and the reason it works is because a motor is driving the spring-loaded beads up and down,” states a company rep, adding that “If you need silence, this might not be the product for you.”

According to its maker, the new adult product has received a tremendous amount of interest from mainstream media outlets including Techcrunch, BetaBeat, Buzzfeed, Business Insider, Yahoo! News, BroBible, Cnet, Vice, Bravo, Salon, Uproxx, Supercompressor, and others.

“For the past few years our team has been focused on optimizing the male masturbation experience — and the recent media attention and sales of our machine has left us feeling vindicated for our efforts,” says Autoblow 2 inventor Brian Sloan, explaining that the device sets a new benchmark in realism for male solo sexual experiences.

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