Emily Morse’s 1st-Ever Live Workshop Draws Crowd to Hustler Hollywood

Ariana Rodriguez

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Dr. Emily Morse hosted her first-ever live workshop at Hustler Hollywood’s flagship West Hollywood store, drawing close to 200 of her biggest fans and curious shoppers.

“I was thrilled that the audience was willing to participate and so many participants let me know they learned some new tips they will put to good use,” Morse, who serves as the spokesperson of the upcoming Sexual Health Expo, told XBIZ. “I was overwhelmed by the amazing turnout and the fans that drove from out-of-town to make it to my first live workshop.  Plus, the crowd stayed over and did some serious shopping. So overall it was a success and I look forward to my next workshop at Hustler Hollywood.”  

Though titled “How to Blow (His Mind),” Morse covered a broad range of topics, including masturbation and spicing up a long-term relationship.

On the subject of masturbation, Morse encouraged self-exploration as a tool to better sex with a partner.

“I always thought 'someday my prince will come and so will I,'” Morse told the crowd. “You can’t expect a man to know everything. For men, figuring out vaginas is like a rubix cube ­­– each one is different.

"What I really want to say to women is that it’s important to expand your knowledge of yourself and your body,” she said.

Morse gave attendees the opportunity to participate with question-and-answer sessions in between topics, allowing the crowd of men and women to ask and comment about sex tips and other related subjects, such as the difference between men and women’s preference in porn.

“How come women say they don’t like porn but then ‘Fifty Shades’ comes around and women are going nuts. I’ve read the book and it’s really quite dirty. What’s the difference,” one male attendee said. 

“It has a plot,” Morse said. “I gave my friend some porn and she said ‘it was so good and I didn’t want it to end. Did they get married?’ That’s how women are – they want romance, they want the full story and characters that we can relate to. The brain is our largest sex organ.”

 Hustler Hollywood Marketing Manager Allison Johnston told XBIZ Hustler Hollywood has hosted sexperts in the past, but none with Morse’s popularity – which drew an impressive turnout.

“Emily was amazing,” Johnston said. “Her knowledge, relatability and humor puts people at ease and makes them feel comfortable talking about sex.  The audience feedback was great and they can’t wait for the next one.” 

Johnston added that Hustler Hollywood hosts several events across its 13 stores, including adult star Bonnie Rotten’s upcoming meet-and-greet on July 26 at its Lexington, Ky. Store. To keep up to date with Hustler Hollywood events, click here.

In addition to hosting her popular sex and relationship advice podcast “Sex with Emily,” Morse can be heard every Thursday night on the “Loveline” radio show, as well as her blogs on sites like Glamour, Patti Stanger’s blog and Your Tango.