Sara Jay, Siri to Deliver on Oral Sex Pledge After Germany's World Cup Win

CYBERSPACE — After Germany won the World Cup on Sunday against Argentina 1 - 0, the Twitter accounts of porn stars Sara Jay and Siri exploded with activity — and giddy anticipation.

The reason? At the beginning of the World Cup, Sara Jay promised BJs to all of their Twitter followers if the U.S., Brazil or Germany won the World Cup (known on Twitter as #TeamBJ). A video of Sara Jay's and Siri's pledge can be seen here at YouTube.

Both Jay and Siri have announced that they will be making good on their promise with an event slated for Thursday, Sept. 4 in Las Vegas. Followers of both Sara Jay and Siri are invited to come and collect their BJ from the girls in celebration of Germany's win — or just to celebrate getting oral sex from a famous adult star.

The event’s exact details and location will be posted at in the coming days. Jay currently has 449K followers and Siri has 125K followers; Members of Jay and Siri's official sites will be given priority in line.

"Twitter was off the hook during the World Cup,” Jay said. “Fans were tweeting me their actual addresses after the game. If you are my follower on Twitter, get to the event. If it takes us a day or a week, I still have my knee pads from my last #TeamBJ and am ready to deliver.” She also invites all the German players to join in the festivities, explaining, “They deserve a BJ as much as anyone."

Siri added, "I am looking forward to the event. It's my first #TeamBJ so I hope a lot of my fans take advantage of what could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. What if Germany had lost on Sunday? I am thrilled Germany beat Argentina and my loyal 'Sirians' are in for a treat."

Jay said that while she and Siri were inundated with suggestions about where to hold the event, they decided that Las Vegas was one of the most convenient cities to reach in the U.S. and that it simply wasn’t feasible to fly to every city and individual fan's home.  

“We also considered Berlin as an option, but logistically getting there and organizing a mass event is difficult,” Jay said. “The next time I go to Europe I will try to figure out a way to do something special for the fans. This is likely the last time we will likely ever do a #TeamBJ event in the U.S. If it ever happens again, we will try to go global."

Vicky Vette, Siri and Sara Jay's webmaster noted that #TeamBJ has been captivating fans since its first incarnation launched in 2010. “Fans love seeing what is going to happen even if they can't make the actual event in person,” Vette said. “This time around we are doubling our bandwidth.” She joked, “Hopefully nothing with go down during any of the BJs.”

Fans must have been followers of both Siri and Sara Jay on Twitter before game time of the World Cup to collect. Additional details on how to collect the BJs will be posted shortly on