Ira Isaacs Begins 4-Year Prison Sentence

Rhett Pardon

LOS ANGELES — Ira Isaacs, the 63-year-old fetish filmmaker convicted two years ago by a Los Angeles jury on obscenity charges for mail distribution of four scat and bestiality titles, turned himself in to federal authorities this past weekend to begin a four-year sentence.

Isaacs reported to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The federal penitentiary, which can hold up to 888 prisoners at one time, is a 12-story windowless tower just a stone's throw from the city's fabled Olvera Street and Union Station at Temple and Alameda Streets.

The downtown prison is mostly for inmates waiting for trial, sentencing and, in Isaacs' case, movement to another corrections facility.

Isaacs is seeking to be housed in either of two California penitentiaries run by the federal Bureau of Prisons — Terminal Island in Long Beach, Calif., or Lompoc, a city in Santa Barbara County.

Isaacs, federal prisoner No. 45196-112, can receive visitors, as well as funds that can be deposited into his commissary account.