ANME Founders Show Kicks Off

BURBANK, Calif. – The summer edition of the ANME Show is in full gear with new products making their debut alongside special celebrity appearances and special events.

Topco Sales debuted reality T.V. star Farrah Abraham’s Branded Pleasure Products, which includes three molds with low, middle and high-end price points. The CyberSkin strokers and “missionary” and “doggystyle” positioned molds are popular among fans of the “Backdoor Teen Mom,” Topco Sales’ Lynda Mort said.

“Unlike other celebrity pleasure product collections, Farrah has products that give fans the opportunity to experience the star herself,” she said, adding that the line is now available for order and shipping next week.

“I’m ecstatic about the release of my line,” Abraham told XBIZ. “The launch party [on Friday] was attended by so many of my fans that were so excited about the line. I’m excited to be here to introduce my line to retailers; stores can rest assured that these items are in demand.”

Abraham said the molding process felt like an “art project,” she said, “except there was no paper mache.”

In discussing the line, Abraham said that although the line features masturbators for men, it’s a collection that also can be enjoyed by couples.

“A wife or girlfriend could get this for her husband or boyfriend and role play as if they’re with another partner in the bedroom,” she said.

Pipedream Products’ booth grabbed attendees’ attention upon entering the main exhibitor area with a promo video for its new items in the Fetish Fantasy lineup.

“It’s asking the question ‘will you have [Fetish Fantasy] stock when the movie comes out next year?,” Pipedream’s Rob Phaneuf said. “We sold over 2 million units of the last limited edition Fetish Fantasy collection and we’re expecting that the movie will again create that same big spike.”

According to Phaneuf, the Fetish Fantasy collection has added 25 new products that will push customer’s boundaries in the exploration of BDSM.

“Equally impressive is Bonnie Rotten,” Phaneuf said. “She’s hot right now and has built a huge fan base. This line is for guys that fantasize about being with her. The molds were made with realistic details including exact replicas of all of her tattoos.”

In addition to masturbators and dolls – including two with the ability to squirt, the Be Rotten line includes a “Make Your Own Porno Kit” that includes temporary Bonnie Rotten tattoos. 

“You can turn your wife or girlfriend into Bonnie Rotten,” Phaneuf said. “Everyone wants to be ‘Rotten.’”

Rotten told XBIZ that her favorite item from the line was her squirting torso masturbator because “my boobs look great.”

“The show has been amazing so far,” Rotten said. “Fans and buyers have been coming to the booth all day. The line looks great and I’m honored to be a part of this company.”

 CalExotics’ booth maintained a steady buzz on Saturday, as it kicked off its two-day radio broadcast with Vivid Radio on SiriusXM. Desiree Duffie, CalExotics director of public relations, told XBIZ the broadcast would include commentary from ANME attendees in response to its debut of the Vivid Raw line of products for men.

Although ANME had just opened its doors, on Saturday CalExotics President and CEO Susan Colvin said customers were already raving about Vivid Raw. The line includes realistic, life-size dolls, torsos and masturbators. The variety also caters to different price ranges.

“We’re already getting a great response for Vivid Raw,” Colvin said. “People are really excited for a graphic male line.”

The products in the Vivid Raw line are made using a different process that makes it more durable. “We understand that men want something that’s going to last.”

“The Supermodel” life-size doll is inflatable to allow the costumer to choose how soft or firm she is. Featuring removable vagina and butt sleeves with realistic textured inner tunnels, the dolls are lifelike inside and out, Duffie said. Additionally, several strokers in the line come with inner tubes that heat up.

CalExotics’ sister company JOPEN revealed new JOPEN items. According to Duffie, LUST has become one of JOPEN’s most popular collections, with the unique petal design patent-pending and now augmented in a new LUST product that has a four-petal design.

Doc Johnson announced a new partnership with erotic fiction novelist, Zane. The African-American writer’s work is particularly popular among Latinas, Doc Johnson marketing director Sunny Rodgers told XBIZ.  Her work has been given the Cinemax treatment with the shows “Zane’s Sex Chronicles” and “Zane’s The Jump Off.”

With the partnership, Doc Johnson stands to achieve mainstream exposure with the upcoming premiere of Zane’s first feature film based on one of her works, “Addicted.” The movie will debut from Lionsgate on Sept. 5.

“She has a huge following and we’re giving her fans a collection of all of the classics,” Rodgers said. “That’s what the mainstream needs.”

The collection is called The Hot Box: A Novel Collection and features items such as a mini G-Spot massager and a Pocket Rocket. Items are packaged to look like books, which can be discretely stored on a bookshelf.

Jimmyjane debuted its FORM 2 Luxury Edition, as well as the Iconic Wand and Iconic Rabbit 2.

Commenting on the acquisition of Jimmyjane by Pipedream Products parent company Diamond Products, Jimmyjane’s Molly Murphy told XBIZ that the transition has allowed the company to grow internationally and to expand its team. Jimmyjane introduced Meredith, a sex educator who studied at Kinsey Institute under Debra Herbenick.

“Education is what helps the mainstreaming of toys,” Meredith said. “I’m exited to be able to engage retailers at this show.”

Former Sportsheets sales exec Cheri Poe attended ANME with a new role, as director of sales for ID Lubricants.

“It’s great to join a company that complements my previous experience,” she told XBIZ. “I’m very grateful for my time at Sportsheets. For me it’s such a gift to now be able to be a part of the lube transition to FDA approval. It’s a great challenge; ID is such a focused global view. I’m excited that I get to be a part of that and continue to grow the brand.”

ID is also moving into the condom market. According to Poe, ID has created turn-key product displays that maximize retail space.    

Sportsheets Plus introduced a plus-size line of sex toys, positioning tools and strap-ons made for BBW couples. It features sexual positioning devices and strap-on harnesses with added features — like longer straps, longer and wider supports and pads, and greater adjustability designed for sizes 12 to 30.

Sportsheets says its plus-size line recognizes the need to provide sexy, sensual options for every body type.

 The company also introduced Edge by Sportsheets, which was designed for leather lovers, experienced players and newcomers alike. The line offers restraints, harnesses and other BDSM devices made from black leather with white stitching.

 The Screaming O revealed 14 new designs that included couples kits, new vibrating ring designs, and colorful revamps of Screaming O classics. The company’s new vibrating cock rings feature elements designed to “enhance fit, stronger stimulation, and the all-around sexual experience.”

The company also unveiled the My Secret Screaming O collection, which includes revamped versions of the company’s original mini vibes disguised as makeup with new packaging.

Liberator revealed its new LeatherWorks collection, as well as new couture toy storage cases, and products for sensual massage, bondage play and restraint. Sex expert Emily Morse who stopped by the company’s booth told XBIZ that Liberator’s best item was a convertible massage table that can be used with restraints and for sexual positioning. 

The company showcased its Obéir Spanking Bench, which offers a place to attach cuffs or sashes, and supports a variety of seated and standing sexual positions.

Beamonstar launched a new water-based lubricant. The formula contains Acai and Pomegranate — ingredients that can nourish skin, according to the company. Each packet is sold in 10ml packets, which Beamonstar President Jeff Bolanos says he is particularly fond of.

“It’s the first travel-size lubricant packet to include a spout,” he said. “The spout design packaging enables the customer to twist it open and close for repeated use, whereas most portable lubes are blister packs, meaning once you open it you have to use the whole pack. It offers customers the ability to get the most out of their dollar and not waste lube."