Falcon, Raging Stallion Again Hire Icon Brands to Distribute

LOS ANGELES — After a few months in which Icon Brands and Falcon both spent some time looking at new strategic opportunities, both parties decided that they could do a lot better together than apart, and Icon now has the Falcon and Raging Stallion licenses back again.

"We couldn't be happier," said Jim Carter, a spokesman for Icon, adding, "Falcon was a key brand for us, and even though Icon builds brands, we were already there with Falcon, and we didn't want to lose that groundwork. Now we won't."

Falcon President Chris Ward expressed praise for the team that revitalized his line during the past two-and-a-half years.

"Icon took a brand that needed refreshing and did just that. With vibrant, new packaging and terrific new product ideas, they made Falcon the category leader again in no time."

He added, "We missed that energy and were glad to have it back."

Icon will show Falcon at its booth at the Adult Novelty Manufacturer's Expo this Saturday through Monday at the Burbank Marriott, and the company is busy replenishing the best-selling Falcon Signature Pieces as well as its Manrammers, Balls, Plugs and the many new items which filled out the line.

Shipping will begin immediately, but full replenishment will take about 60 days, so as Sales manager Joanie Lee put it, "we're asking for just a little patience as we get back in stock, but we're
on a fast track; it's our top priority."

Going forward, the focus will be on a lot of rubber and aggressive gear, speaking to the heritage of the San Francisco landmark lines.

Ward remarked, "We're interested in our market, which isn't the newcomer and isn't the shy guy. It's the guy who plays hard, and we want future releases to reflect that."

Next up for Falcon is BBC, Big Black Cocks, three massive pieces which are a natural extension of the all-black "legacy" line. And as Ward says, there's certainly nothing "shy" about that.