Girlfriends Films Supports Alzheimer’s Foundation

VALENCIA, Calif. — Girlfriends Films (GFF) has announced that its chosen charity for the month of July is the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

Each month, Girlfriends Films turns to its employees, performers, directors, and adult industry principals to select a charity to support. In 2013, the Girlfriends Films Charity Program reportedly donated more than $20,000 to an array of philanthropic organizations, from medical institutes to animal sanctuaries.

Selected by GFF Operations Manager Karen, the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America will receive a check for $1000 to help continue its ongoing mission to provide optimal care and services to those affected by Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

The donation honors Karen’s husband, who suffers from Dementia.

“I have been honored this month to choose a charity for our company’s monthly donation program,” Karen says.  “My husband was diagnosed with early onset Dementia two years ago, and I have watched the man I’ve known and loved for over 40 years become unable to work, remember recent events, and perform ordinary daily activities.”

“His onset was slow, and I didn’t recognize the signs at first.  He kept getting lost and didn’t seem to remember the simplest things.  Medication doesn’t seem to do much, but we hold out for a cure,” Karen added. “I also watched my father, mother-in-law, and father in-law also suffer with this memory stealing disease. You never know if it will happen to you or your family.”

Karen  explains that she chose the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America as her charity because this organization is helping to raise awareness and educate health care professionals and the public, while providing services to individuals and caregivers confronting dementia, as well as to their families.

“I hope others will join me and Girlfriends Films to help this wonderful charity,” Karen concluded, noting that interested parties can support the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America by visiting

“Donating on behalf of our employees gives us a chance to ensure every charity we give to genuinely impacts the lives of those we value the most,” Girlfriends Films president Moose says. “Girlfriends Films is a family, and as a result, we always look to support each other.”

Any Girlfriends Films performers interested in participating in the charity selection program may apply by e-mailing with your name, AIP charity of choice, and reason(s) for selecting the charity.  Chosen performers will be asked to submit a personal photo depicting themselves engaged with the charity, the charity’s mission, or a similar charitable act, which will be used for promotions.

For more information, visit