'Vuier' Pay-Per-View Video Service Bows

LOS ANGELES — Looking for a place to post adult video clips without partnering with a clip site and without the frustration of YouTube restrictions? A new online pay-per-view video service has bowed that just may be the answer.

Vuier.com is designed for anyone who wants to post online videos — including hardcore — and get paid what they ask.

According to the creators, the service lets users simply sell clips to their online audience regardless of the device they're viewed on. Producers can set their own price and length of video.

There are no upfront costs, but the operators take 35 percent of revenue. The company said it would also be offering a monthly subscription soon that will boost the payout to the producers. There are also special “upgrade” deals for professional studios with a 90 percent payout.

Co-founder Brick Rucker told XBIZ that unlike YouTube, there are no restrictions to the type of content uploaded as long as it doesn’t violate the company’s terms and conditions. 

And that means adult is OK. In fact, Rucker said nearly 65 percent of the current uploads are adult-oriented.

When asked if the site is age restricted, Rucker said the platform has a built in age verification via its credit card pay gate, since the legal limit to enter into a contract (for a credit card) in the U.S. is 18 years old. “None of our videos are viewable without the necessary credit card credentials. As well, our site is not searchable for video content to site visitors or members.”

Considering the revenge porn controversy – a sticky point that’s not expressly spelled out in the site’s terms and conditions — Rucker said his company would treat it like any content that violates the stipulations and would refer to it as any unauthorized or abusive content subject to the same penalties.

“Upon notification of revenge porn, it would mean instant video removal from the site, user account is forfeited, and full compliance and cooperation with any law enforcement. As well we have contracted a third-party service to review uploads for content that breaks our T&Cs. Our last safeguard for such issues is our internal video review process before payout is authorized,” Rucker told XBIZ.