James Deen's 'Ask Me Anything' Q&A Hits #1 on Reddit

LOS ANGELES — James Deen's Reddit “I Am A: Ask Me Anything” Q&A went really well last night. So well, in fact, that it's still listed as the number one Reddit AMA this morning.

“Thank you everyone for making my AMA great,” Deen wrote on Reddit following the Q&A session. “I hope you got a bunch of good answers.” 

While Deen wasn't able to answer all 4,000-plus questions, he did get to quite a few, to which he applied his signature wonky humor and wit, evinced by the top question and answer exchange:

User the200sx asked, “Worst sexual encounter … how did it go?” And Deen replied, “It was just bad. I stopped and started eating a sandwich then ejaculated on the floor for dramatic effect.”  

Later silversdark wrote, “Do you and [your girlfriend] Stoya ever bring people into the bedroom or do you keep your private relationship just between you two?” Deed didn’t pass up the cheeky set-up, answering “Like to do what? We let people in all the time. Someone has to check on the cats while we are away insert obvious wink sound and face.”

While Deen and the redditors kept a lot of the exchange light, Deen did put on a serious face to address some of the weightier questions, especially those relevant to the business and political aspects of contemporary porn. He gave his take on the "porn-condom bill" AB 1576, how porn can stay afloat in a sea of piracy and what it’s like to have sex in front of a bunch of sweaty strangers.

When asked how porn will continue to innovate to compete with free amateur content, Deen answered in earnest.“Good question. It is tough. I personally think the adult industry really fucked themselves over in the [beginning] stages of Internet porn,” he wrote. “They lost the customers’ trust by doing shady moves like prechecked subscriptions and one-click upsells etc. etc.

"I personally try to run an ethical business where I try to provide quality content and not screw over the costumer. I also intend to create social networking platforms and a better structure to provide an adult viewing service that incorporates more than just my own product. The goal is to create a porno wonderland where people want to participate, not a place where you trick people into handing over $30 and hope they don't notice.”

Deen, performer, director and apple of Bret Easton Ellis’ eye, has been announced as the official host of the 2015 XBIZ Awards, to be held next January. For more Deen, visit JamesDeen.com.