Turkish Contest Winner Named Pornhub's Creative Director

NEW YORK — Despite Turkey’s ongoing war against porn and other “western influences,” a Turkish citzen has been named Pornhub’s new creative director.

Nuri Gulver and Ceyda Koç from Turkish advertising agency Alametifarika won an online contest that asked participants to create SFW print-ads that could feasibly run in mainstream publications and other public platforms.

The two produced a simple concept that combined a twist on The Beatle’s lyric “All you need is love” —  “All you need is hand” — with two hands miming a heart, yielding a subtle, cheeky and positive masturbation reference.   

“I was so happy when my work qualified among the finalists. Now I’m flying,” Gulver said. “God willing, I will complete work that will make my elders proud and make the world talk about Turkish advertising.”

Gulver said that he simply photographed his handed and used his “limited Photoshop knowledge” to tweak it. He then recruited Koç to help him complete the design.

Gulver will now work as creative director for Pornhub’s international advertising campaign, alongside his job at Alametifarika.

Canada-based Pornhub is one of the many Internet sites banned in Turkey by government mandate.