CB-X Male Chastity to Unveil the Pink CB-3000 at ANME

LAS VEGAS —Male chastity device manufacturer CB-X is set to unveil a new pink version of its popular CB-3000 model.

The company describes the Pink CB-3000 as ideal for an underserved market of self-described "sissy’s," or any man who wants to express his more feminine side.

"There is a huge segment of our market made up of self-proclaimed ‘sissy's,’” CB-X Corporate Director, Nikki Yates said. "These are men who enjoy dressing up in frilly undergarments, lingerie or old-fashioned nighties. They aren't necessarily crossdressers, they just have this special fetish and we're here to fill the hole in this niche market."

The Pink CB-3000 reportedly retains the same level of comfort and security as the original CB-3000 for the wearer. It incorporates the classic cage of the CB-3000, which accommodates more girth when flaccid, and features the ring design of the CB-6000. It is made of medical grade polycarbonate material, is lightweight and hypoallergenic. The cage portion is vented for hygiene and has an opening at the bottom for use at urinals.

"This is something fans and customers have been seeking and we expect to sell out of the first run of the Pink CB-3000 fairly quickly, so we encourage anyone who wants to have this in time for late-summer and fall to order early," Yates explained. "The Pink CB-3000 isn't just for the ‘sissy’ market either, it is really perfect for any man who likes to get in touch with his feminine side, while he submits to his key holder.”

The Pink CB-3000, now available for preorder, will be on display at the ANME Founders Show in July in Burbank, Calif., and will begin shipping around July 1.

To learn more about CB-X Male Chastity devices, visit CB-X.com.