Kheper Games Launches New 'What the F*ck!' Games

SEATLLE — Kheper Games, Inc. has announced new product releases that extend its leading What the F*ck? party game line with “Comparisons” and the bridal version, “Absurd Wedding Comparisons.”

Both games were inspired by Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity, but, unlike those games, stays true to the What the F*ck? creative question format.

Instead of questions with multiple choice answers for other players to guess (ala Apples to Apples), players submit answer cards and the person asking the question picks the best answer. For example, a card may ask “It is bad luck for the bride to _______ before the wedding?” Possible submitted answers could be “Zipline into the wedding cake,” “Require the groom to give the best man a prostate exam,” or a bevy of other pre-fab Absurd answers. 

“The more outrageous the question, the more fun party guests will have,” CEO Brian Pellham said. “We’ve sold over 500,000 What the F*ck! games that have proven just that. Our newest editions combines our top-selling brand with a popularly requested game concept that end-customers have been unable to find easily.”

What the F*ck! Comparisons offers 216 questions, 324 “F*cked up” answer cards and three dice. Absurd Wedding Comparisons offers 96 Absurd Questions, 107 Absurd Answer Cards, an eight-sided die and a rule card.

For more details contact or call 1-877-426-3755.