'Voracious Season Two' Updated On EvilAngel.com

MONTREAL — The newest chapter of filmmaker John Stagliano's epic vampire serial goes live on EvilAngel.com today, Gamma Entertainment's affiliate program FameDollars and Evil Angel studio announced today.

Subscribers to EvilAngel.com have exclusive, early access to the content, which advances "Voracious Season Two" with a rough sex spectacle featuring Chastity Lynn and adult veteran Rocco Siffredi.

The new episode is subtitled "You Know What It Means To Be A Vampire?"

"The power of Rocco Siffredi as a vampire jives perfectly with Chastity Lynn's craving for submission," Stagliano said. "Rocco's sheer physical strength, completely unleashed while shooting a scene for me in a feature that has him portraying superhuman power, fits very well with his psyche."

With Lynn, "the electric Siffredi surges," accoroding to the producers.

"Upon my introduction to Chastity a few years ago, she expressed the desire to work in one of my 'Fashionistas'-type rough sex movies," Stagliano recalled. "Finally I had the chance to explore her person in such a role. She was more than able. Her skill and innocent beauty, pushed to the limit by Rocco, was wonderful to behold."

Shot in California and Eastern Europe, "Voracious Season Two" updates the kinky sex, vampire lore and lush filmmaking established in the popular first season.

The SFW trailer can be seen on YouTube.

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