Naughty America Seeks Licensing Executive

LOS ANGELES — Naughty America CEO Andreas Hronopoulos told XBIZ Tuesday that he would like to hire someone to manage his company's new licensing endeavor.

Hronopoulos said the position would entail negotiating licensing deals for Naughty America’s content and name for pleasure products, novelties, apparel and more.

“We’re interested in hiring somebody from within the industry who has experience that is interested in representing us and making content deals with different companies,” Hronopoulos said. “We understand that content is now more important than ever and that’s really the basis for it.”

Naughty America, which was created in 2003, has become an award-winning multimedia company with a network of websites and deep library of movies. Its parent company, La Touraine, has been in the adult industry since 1998.

Hronopoulos said he sees the licensing division as a two-part undertaking that includes licensing content and licensing media “on a case-by-case basis.”

“That means someone potentially taking our content and putting it under another brand name for their purposes if it helps them build their company. We want to work with people to let them use the media however they want if it makes sense for them,” the CEO explained.

He said that includes licensing content from the XBIZ award-winning “Tonight’s Girlfriend” series and other La Touraine-related names.

“We own trademarks in many, many classes,” Hronopoulos said. “We know how powerful content is and how important content is. We know the value of our name. They’re not mutually exclusive. The name and content can be individually powerful. We’re aware of that and looking forward to working with people to help them grow.”

The Naughty America name, he noted, "is really a state of mind.”

“People love the brand name,” Hronopoulos said. “It’s an amazing name that people know around the world and it represents so many different things to so many different people.”

The CEO said the licensing management position would be ideal for someone who can work remotely and wants to travel. If interested, contact him at