Teddy Love Is 'The Bear That Loves You Back'

Lila Gray

CEDAR GROVE, NJ — A new discreet sex toy, Teddy Love, inspired by every girl’s first fuzzy love — the teddy bear — is seeking funding through an Indiegogo campaign.

In a YouTube video launched in tandem with the campaign, Teddy Love CEO Dawn Harmon describes the virtues of her product.

“We’re a start-up company with an amazing product, and we want Teddy Love in every woman’s bedroom,” Dawn H. said “Teddy is versatile, cuddly, pleasing and absolutely unique, and we believe no sexually active woman should be without one.”

Teddy Love is a normal-looking bear (save its small protuding tongue) that has a 10-speed motor housed in his muzzle, making his nose and tongue vibrate when “turned on.” Female users will get the dual action of the nose touching the clitoris and the tongue going into the vagina. The woman controls Teddy by his ears, “making him the ultimate listener,” Harmon said, adding that Teddy Love can be used by men too.

“Have you ever seen someone walking through an airport, in a restaurant or through a place of business with a large adult toy visibly protruding from a handbag or briefcase?” she says in the YouTube video. “Well, our novel and discreet product Teddy Love can be placed anywhere, inconspicuously, without fear or embarrassment.”

Harmon notes that the design team that helped created Teddy Love, California-based Sonos Design, has A-list clients that include Mattel, Hasbro, Leap Frog and GM.

The Indiegogo campaign went live yesterday with a goal of $50,000, and will run for 60 days. Donors will receive perks on par with the amount of their contribution. For example, those who give the minimum of $20 will get a tank top with the Teddy Love logo. Donations of $449 or more will be compensated with a Party Pack, that includes four Teddy Love bears, four DVDs, four tank tops and four tote bags.  

Teddy Love is slated to begin production in July. The bear is suspected to retail at $79.95.

For more info, visit TeddyLove.net.