Lovewinx Home Party Company Bows

LOS ANGELES — New home party company Lovewinx has debuted in its beta phase with what the company calls a female-focused independent business model.

The company said it was founded on the desire to educate and empower women to live a more passionate life and feel beautiful from the inside out. Lovewinx’s party plan includes a selection of body-safe and high-quality intimate products — all crafted in the U.S.

This focus on domestic production allows for quality control and customer satisfaction while providing party plan consultants with immediate payment and incentives. The company said it is the only party plan in the industry that offers a compensation plan that pays six levels in a “downline” with monthly and quarterly bonuses for travel, lifestyle and financial reward — including a Mercedes.

“Our compensation plan sets us apart; it’s absolutely spectacular and no doubt the best when compared to others in the industry,” Lovewinx President Jaime Lamp said. “We value our consultants and will go above and beyond to ensure their success, and we guarantee that they can provide for their family’s needs from the income they produce from Lovewinx parties and leadership promotions. There is no waiting for a paycheck, and she chooses when she wants to work — whether it’s one party a month or 10 a week, it’s completely her decision.”

Consultants are trained to provide a professional party demonstration that helps women feel comfortable and confident with themselves as sexual and sensual beings. “We also of course want every woman involved to know that she can be passionate, driven, sexy and beautiful,” Lamp added. “That’s why we choose to supply only the highest-quality products made with the female body and spirit in mind, and are always interested in the latest, most special adult products on the market. We pride ourselves on being the most professional and classy home party company in the industry.”

Lovewinx kits could include body care products, sexual enhancement products, bedroom accessories, educational videos, books and lingerie.

The company will celebrate its official launch July 15. All adult women are welcome to sign up for more information at, by calling (800) 715-1395, or emailing Lamp at, or Holly Bates at