Tori Black Makes Directorial Debut for Elegant Angel

LOS ANGELES — Tori Black jokes that when she has sex first thing in the morning that she might as well forget about accomplishing anything else that day.

“Because all I want is more sex after that,” she says.

The 25-year-old, Seattle native turned her love of morning sex into a porn set-up in Signal Hill, Calif., near Long Beach on Memorial Day, when she made her directorial debut for Elegant Angel.

The superstar performer, who has been on an extended hiatus from shooting, said the time was right for her to direct, shooting a scene for Elegant's Girl of the Month spotlight for June. Her star for the day was up-and-coming performer Alina Li, who did her first one-on-one session with veteran stud Karlo Karrera for the special occasion.

“They had done an orgy scene before, but this was their chance to really get to know each other,” Black told XBIZ. “I told Karlo to ‘make her your girlfriend for the day, fall in love with her. You can be rough, but this isn’t about rough sex, and don’t worry about the camera so much.’ And they ran with it.”

Black, the 2010 XBIZ Female Performer of the Year and 2011 winner of XBIZ Porn Star Site of the Year, said it was only a matter of time before she stepped behind the camera.

“There are lots of things that are trapped inside this head of mine,” Black said. “Even if I’m not ready to be in front of the camera yet, what better way to share these dirty things than to direct some other people while I’m on my hiatus. I still want to share and be freaky with everybody.”

As soon as Elegant Angel reached out to her, she said it practically was a no-brainer.

“I think I’ve always had the directing idea in the back of my mind and I was waiting for the opportunity to present itself,” Black continued. “Elegant came to me and really wanted another female director and asked if I was interested. This is also about me paying homage to a company that has done so much for me and really supported me in my career.”

Undoubtedly, award-winning titles such as “Tori Black Is Pretty Filthy” (Parts 1 & 2) and “Performers of the Year” (2010-11) from Elegant Angel played an important part of Black’s rapid trajectory.

“Elegant and I had a phenomenal product that really hasn’t been surpassed in my career,” Black said. “When people ask me what are your best movies, I always say the ‘Pretty Filthy’ series.”

The Girl of the Month scene, which debuted today on, is only the beginning of Black calling the shots. She said she’ll be directing full movies going forward.

“Whatever it is, I’m definitely going to put my spin on it and it will be something different — not the same old, same old,” Black said. “I want to be inspired. I want to be intrigued and I want to be turned on, of course. I want to create something that I would want to watch on my own.”

Black zeroed on Chinese sensation Alina Li for her first scene a few months ago after some conversations with fellow Elegant Angel director MimeFreak, who is also Black’s significant other.

“He’s always telling me about work and showing me all the new people coming in and out, and when I saw her I said, ‘Wow, she is really cute,’” Black recalled. “I like natural more than I like big fake boobs. So when I saw her I thought, ‘how refreshing...’ She has a great attitude. She can perform well and I think she has a lot of potential in this industry.”

Li, a native of Shanghai who started doing porn last Fall, impressed Black during her shoot with Karrera even more with how she was when the camera wasn’t rolling.

“She was very sweet on set and to me that means a lot,” Black said.

Black knows what she’s looking for in a potential star.

“I think for me the best combination is classy and sexy. I feel like something that’s missing is that people think that a classy lady is not going to get freaky or dirty and you can’t spank her or pull her hair,” Black said. “I think that a classy woman is a woman that demands respect, but she knows the time and the place to let her guard down and be wild and crazy. I think that’s unbeatable.”

She continued, “I kind of feel like a lot of porn has this trashy aspect to it. For me, that’s too over the top. To me, sexy is the opposite of that. I want to see a strong, confident, beautiful, freaky woman. That would be the general tone of my movies. A classy woman doesn’t necessarily mean one that is very vanilla, but one that has this power and confidence and command of the sex about her."

In addition to directing, Black said she has several other ventures in the works, including some mainstream projects.

“I’m very excited that my mainstream stuff is going really well,” Black said, noting that she has no plans to leave porn. “I want to make sure that people know that just because I’m doing mainstream stuff I’m not going to stop dancing or directing or not have my hands in the industry. It was the fans that brought me to the mainstream. It’s almost like slapping everybody in the face, everybody who helped you and all your fans who got you to this point.”

Black also teased a new exclusive web series for that soon will begin production.

“I’ve been promising my fans for the longest time,” Black said. “This shoot that MimeFreak and I came up with, it’s very different than anything that they’ve ever seen from me. It’s a web series and people who are members will be able to watch it just like you’d watch any regular TV show. There will be weekly updates and a continuing storyline. I’m so excited to finally start production.”

Interestingly, Black said there would be “some interaction” between her and other people on camera, but she would not reveal any more details at post time.

“It’s going to be innovative, different and fucking hot,” she said.

Pictured from left: MimeFreak, Tori Black, Alina Li and Karlo Karrera. Photo by Jeff Koga.