NYC Mayor, Robin Byrd Rub Elbows at Liberal Dem Club

NEW YORK — New York City’s new Mayor Bill de Blasio is known for his strong liberal leanings, but being a member of a club with veteran porn personality Robyn Byrd is raising some eyebrows in the Big Apple.

The New York Daily News reported that both Byrd and de Blasio are members of the Jim Owles [named after the gay rights actitivist] Liberal Democratic Club.

Byrd, a noted porn performer in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s is host of her own cable TV show that’s been a staple of late night since 1977.

Both Byrd and de Blasio belong to the influential LGBT club's "Board of Governors" and hold honorary titles, but have no actual duties.

The strange bedfellows did cross paths at the 10-year old club's holiday bash where Byrd said they didn’t discuss politics although she supported his campaign against then long-running Mayor Michael Bloomberg. "I chatted with him [de Blasio]," Byrd said. "I chatted with a lot of members."

"Even though I'm in the [Owles] club, I like to stay out of politics. My message is always have safe sex, have a loved one. If you don't have a loved one, you always have me."

"Isn't it 'we the people, for the people?' And isn't he closest to we the people?" Byrd asked.