Legend Ships 2nd Showcase Title, 'Best of Payton Leigh'

Lila Gray

NORTH HOLLYWOOD — Legend Video has announced that it is now shipping its second Showcase Studios title, “The Best of Payton Leigh.”

Monarchy Distribution inked a deal with Legend Video in April to handle the brick and mortar and retail distribution of its Showcase Studios brand of one-woman show features. The partnership will see the release of one title per month.

“The Best of Payton Leigh” features five scenes that include boy/girl, boy/girl/girl, lesbian and anal action.  

“For a big … fan, it would have been very difficult to get all those scenes at one a time, so the convenience for them to scoop them all up with one DVD really boosted our sales,” Legend owner Bruce said.

Legend's premiere Showcase title “The Best of Alana Evans released last month.

"Our Alana Evans showcase title did extremely well" Bruce said. "Consumers love to follow their favorite girls and the movie featured scenes that had been shot throughout her career."

For order inquiries, contact Bruce.