Holiday Products Now Distributing Wicked Sensual Care

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Holiday Products is now distributing the Wicked Sensual Care line of lubricants.

“We are extremely excited to now offer Wicked Sensual Care to our customers,” said Molly Romeo, Holiday Products senior account manager. “This is not your typical line of lubricants.  Wicked Sensual Care ventured outside of the adult industry to bring in experts from the skincare industry to develop their line of products. With that expertise, Wicked was able to create a clean line of products using ingredients that contribute to and promote the best in sensual care. They've already started winning industry awards.”

Wicked Sensual Care items include flavored, water and silicone based lubricants and creams, as well as an antibacterial toy cleaner.

“We are delighted to have Holiday Products as a distributor of the Wicked Sensual Care Collection,” said Cassie Pendleton, marketing director of Wicked Sensual Care. “Holiday’s unwavering commitment to offering their customers the ‘best of the best’ makes the inclusion of Wicked Sensual Care to the Holiday Products catalog an honor for us.”

For more information call Holiday Products at (800) 266-5969 or email