Next Chapter of 'Voracious Season Two' Vampire Serial Debuts

Bob Johnson

MONTREAL — Gamma Entertainment affiliate program FameDollars, has announced the debut of the next chapter in director John Stagliano's graphically kinky vampire serial, "Voracious Season Two."

The new episode, entitled "The Devil Will Come To You," takes place behind convent walls and is now available for advance viewing exclusively to subscribers.

"Late at night in the convent, bad girls need to be severely warned of the dangers of temptation," Stagliano said.

In the the film, innocent beauty Jessie Volt is the victim. Roxy Raye is supposed to keep her from temptation with the help of Ashley Fires. "Yeah, that didn't work," Stagliano revealed. "The devil will find you; just open your ass."

"Jessie Volt makes an exquisitely beautiful and innocent-looking nun. Jessie surprised me at her natural skill at acting. I have had such good luck with the French. Roxy Raye makes the perfect brown noser; her acting was also wonderfully surprising. She is not a mainstream porn girl. She graciously decided to work for me. Her perverse talent comes with wholesomeness, mixed with extreme decadence. A warning label should come with Ashley Fires: Stay six feet away or risk being debauched like you never have before," Stagliano said.

"The Devil Will Come To You" also offers a memorable performance by Rain DeGrey in a non-sex role as the overworked Mother Superior. Stagliano said DeGrey does amazing dialogue and action. “Her hands-on method of discipline is only surpassed by the facile, smart and vile diatribe that spews from her mouth."

Shot in California and Eastern Europe, the movie updates the kinky sex, clever vampire lore and crafty filmmaking established in the popular first season.

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