Lovehoney Survey Suggests High Earners Have Less Sex

BATH, U.K. — “Working hard or hardly screwing?” could be the new office jest, if Lovehoney’s latest survey findings prove true.

Apparently income can affect your love life in a surprising way. According to the U.K.-based pleasure product’s survey of 1,600 people, high earners tend to have less sex than their lower earning cohorts.   

Four percent of high earners reported having sex once a day, a number that the DailyMail said tripled for low earners.

Similarly, a third of people raking in £50,000 or more say they typically have sex once a week, while only 17 percent of those making £15,000 or less reported a once-a-week average. In fact, ten percent more of middle income earners (£15,000 to £34,000) queried said they had sex several times a week, compared to the high earning group.

While high earners may be indulging in less nookie, the same survey suggested that their sexcapades might be more risqué on average. 

Forty-five percent of high income earners said that they have had a threesome, far exceeding low earners at 19 percent. Revealing a consistent pattern, 83 percent of high earners have experimented with outdoor sex, compared to 66 percent of bottom-tier earners.

However, Lovehoney also reported that more low earners had tried bondage (40 percent compared to 33 percent of high earners) and that, on average, high earners preferred a passive role in the bedroom, while low earners preferred to be in charge.

“High earners generally tend to work longer hours or put more time into thinking about their careers — so it makes sense they are having sex less regularly,” a Lovehoney spokesperson said, as quoted by the DailyMail. “Higher earners also tend to be bigger risk takers by nature, so the high number of those sampling sex outside follows.”

They added, “‘It's great to see from this research that lower earners, who tend to have more longer term partners, are keeping their love lives fresh by trying out new things — such as bondage — in the bedroom.”