Lovehoney Releases Edge Collection for Men

BATH, U.K. — Lovehoney has launched Edge, a collection of pleasure products to improve men’s sexual performance created by Tracey Cox, an expert on sex and relationships.

According to the company, Edge is the first mainstream range of pleasure products aimed at men. The line includes a free app based on a sex therapy technique called “peaking” which allows men to achieve better control of their orgasm and improve their sexual stamina while monitoring their performance over several months.

Cox, a TV presenter and bestselling author says she hopes Edge will normalize the use of sex toys among men.

According to the company, the market is worth $16 million in the U.K.

“Female sex toys entered the mainstream 16 years ago when Charlotte started playing with her rabbit vibrator in ‘Sex and the City,” Cox said. “That worldwide trend accelerated further when Fifty Shades of Grey came out two years ago — and now most young women say they have experimented with toys. Alongside this boom, sales of male sex toys have been steadily increasing over the last decade and it is the fastest growing sector in the market. The time is right to launch the world’s first mainstream range of products aimed solely at men.

“I have been writing, researching and talking about sex on television and radio for 25 years and I get asked the same questions by men the world over,” Cox said. “It’s always the same three: Am I big enough? Am I hard enough? How do I last longer? The aim of Edge is to educate and inform men about what’s really happening out there and to provide simple and effective solutions to their top three sexual needs. We think lots of men will try out these new toys in the hope of improving their performance in bed. And lots of women will buy the products for their partners for the same reason!”

The Edge line includes:

Adjustable Stamina Ring — a silicone ring designed to make erections last longer and look more impressive.

Stamina & Enhancing Pump — penis pumps create a vacuum to improve blood flow to the penis, ensuring healthy, firm erections and also help keep the penis in peak condition.

Stamina Ring Set (3 pack) — Used to keep erections firmer for longer, these ultra- comfortable, doughnut-shaped rings come in three sizes for contrasting tightness and intensity.

Intense Stimulation Stamina Sleeve — Used to intensify solo sex session and train him to last longer in bed because it imitates the feeling of penetration.

Edge Stamina App — A free app which trains him to last longer in bed using a ! simple, easy-to-use and effective technique with impressive re! sults wi thin a month.

Edge videos — a series of online videos by Cox clearly explain how to use the products and offer other helpful tips.

A Lovehoney spokesman said, “Male sex toys are the big growth area the market in 2014. We have launched Edge in response to demand from men and their partners for an effective, mainstream range of affordable male sex toys.”