Immoral Productions Debuts 'Long Legs and Beautiful' Series

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Immoral Productions has released the freshman title from its brand new “Long Legs and Beautiful” series dedicated to statuesque ladies with nice gams and fashion-model features.

Amazon gals Alexis Grace, Emily Kae, Anna Morna and Kiersten Koyote star in the first volume of “Long Legs and Beautiful,” which finds the ladies with their long legs spread wide.

“It occurred to us that we don’t have a series based around tall girls, so we made sure to introduce something special for fans of towering beauties,” Immoral Productions director Travis Varjak said. “I myself stand almost 6’5, and while it’s fun to throw small girls around, I also like tall and stately babes. Everyone else on the team agreed and the ‘Long Legs and Beautiful’ series was born.”

“’Long Legs and Beautiful’ is another fantastic concept from the Immoral Productions crew and we’re happy to make it available to our customers,” Pure Play Media sales rep Mike L. said.

Immoral Productions is available exclusively in the United States through Pure Play Media. “Long Legs and Beautiful” is in stock and shipping. 

For ordering info, contact Mike L. at or 954-903-3347 (x2224).