EroAdvertising Launches Mobile Interstitial Ads

OSS, The Netherlands — Adult advertising network EroAdvertising announced today the addition of Mobile Interstitial Ads.

The company explained that an interstitial is a full-screen mobile ad unit inserted into the middle of a mobile website or application and appears before the actual web page for the purposes of promoting third party services.

EroAdvertising maintained that interstitial ads have higher CTRs and higher eCPMs than usual banner ads, and that the high performance of these types of ads in today’s mobile advertising market drove its decision to implement this method in order to increase clients’ business.

“Publishers can use interstitials as an alternative to redirecting users and using mobile pop ads," CCO Niels van Ingen said.

He added, "Furthermore, publishers have the possibility to apply a capping which will ensure a positive user experience. This new feature is a great extra option for advertisers who are interested in running a mobile RON campaign. Interstitials can either be static, rich media or video ads and are effective for branding, generating traffic and to achieve highly satisfying conversion rates.”

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